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Dream About Blue Rice

To dream of blue rice is a dream that foretells the arrival of certain problems in your life. Generally, this dream means that you will have certain discussions with people close to you, such as a family member, a close friend or even a co-worker. Basically, this dream is a recommendation that you s... Read more

Dream About Coconut Rice

To dream of coconut rice is a dream that portends the arrival of positive moments in your life. Generally, it indicates that you will be working hard to achieve some goals and you will be assured of success. On the other hand, this dream indicates that your family is likely to increase, it may be [&... Read more

Dream About Colored Rice

It is very common that dreams with colored rice say that you will have a good stability and that it is necessary for you to start saving. In addition to this, you must also have patience if you want your projects to develop in a proper way. Of course there will be external things that […] Read more

Dream About Rice and Lentils

Currently, there are several perceptions that indicate that dreaming of rice with lentils shows that many blessings and positive situations will come. The truth is that this is mainly related to abundance and also prosperity in great measures, something that would make it change our life to a great ... Read more

Dream About White Rice

Certainly, there are many beliefs around the meanings of dreaming of white rice that can be related to abundance, prosperous times and also healing. Almost always if the rice is presented in good conditions, it is deduced that it is about positive things that touch us and that will come to cheer us ... Read more

Dream About Yellow Rice

In the world there are many beliefs and it will depend on each one of them the true meaning of dreaming of yellow rice that is almost always linked to news that are exceptional. The good omens that bring this type of dreams are not left to wait and many times, what we are perceiving […] Read more

Dream About Rice with Eggs

In most cases when you dream of some kind of food, it usually means longings or changes in the personal and work environment. For example, dreaming of rice with egg is mostly linked to success and the fulfillment of the goals you have set. But like everything else, the meaning of dreams can be both ... Read more

Dream About Rice with Weevils

Dreaming of rice is often associated with good times; however, when weevils are evident it usually means a bad omen. In fact, according to Chinese tradition, it signifies the end of an era, where it is vital for you to decide the direction you will take in your life. In general, dreaming of rice wit... Read more

Dream About Rice Cooked in the Ground

There are some people who maintain that dreaming of cooked rice in a dream represents happiness and abundance since it is closely associated with celebrations that will be taking place. Likewise, this type of dream is deciphered according to other elements that may appear in the dream and that indic... Read more

Dream About Ripe Pineapples

To dream of ripe pineapples is often considered a ground of good omen and is related to good fortune, true friendship and positive things that are about to happen to you. Obviously, it will depend a lot on the factors involved in the dream, but in general it is good luck. This dream is a […] Read more

Dream About Tattoos on The Hands

To dream of tattoos on your hands is generally a dream that speaks to your self-confidence. It symbolizes a good self-esteem and the path you are taking in your life. What this dream wants to tell you is that you should analyze well every option that comes your way and, above all, trust yourself. Yo... Read more

Dream About Black Figs

Normally, dreams with black figs have a lot to do with situations of happiness and success. The truth is that when this type of dreams occur, it is evident that a time is coming in which it will be worthwhile for us to take the risk of conforming certain projects and also to set goals […] Read more

Dream About Nephew Crying

Usually, dreaming of a crying nephew is linked to situations of sadness, threat, fears and more. However, what helps to fully understand what the message is is that we can pay attention to every little detail. What is certain is that when there are warnings, we must be very attentive to anything tha... Read more

Dream About Foreign Money

Dreams are one of the ways we have to communicate with ourselves. To dream of foreign money indicates that there will be moments of joy and happiness for the dreamer as well as for his family. It usually bodes well for starting a project or making changes in life. Most of the time, dreams usually [&... Read more

Dream About Frozen Meat

Often, dreaming of frozen meat is related to positive and pleasant situations. It can be about beginnings, reunions or great successes. Everything will depend on the aspect and smell that it conserves. It is determinant in this type of dreams that we pay much attention to the way in which we feel. H... Read more

Dream About Burnt Grass

If you have dreamed of burnt grass your subconscious wants to relive things from the past, because that’s what it’s all about, the past wants to haunt you and you should not allow it because it will not bring you anything good. That is why if you dream of burnt grass, what you need to [&... Read more

Dream About Pink Grapes

To dream of pink grapes indicates new beginnings for your life, in reality the omens that come to you are very good, you are soaked with prosperity and romance, tranquility will be part of your life again and that which pressured you will disappear, because if you dreamed of them confidence and stab... Read more

Dream About Talking to Foreigners

Speaking other languages for many can be a great adventure, but for others it can cause panic, not only because of ignorance of the culture but also because it can mean a barrier. That is why dreaming of speaking with foreigners can arise from fears and danger or, on the contrary, blessings in all a... Read more

Dream About Canned Tuna

The dream of canned tuna is a dream that is considered a bad omen, since it usually means that there will be certain problems in your life, whether financial, personal or health related. If you dream that you are preparing a meal with canned tuna, it means that you will be receiving news related to ... Read more

Dream About Rough Water

Water represents renewal, strength and vitality. Dreaming of water is usually associated with changes in your life, especially on a spiritual and personal level. If in the dream, in addition to the water being rough, it is dirty, it is an indication that you are approaching very tense and difficult ... Read more

Dream About Tattoos on The Neck

If you have dreamed of a tattoo on your neck this is a sign of important things that are going to happen in your life, so you should pay close attention to the events that are currently happening in your life so you can give your own value to what the dream and its meaning […] Read more

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